Free Healthcare Services to Government Employees & Their Families

Exceptional Emergency Centers Provide Free Healthcare Services to Government Employees & Their Families

January 24, 2019 – All Exceptional Emergency Centers in the state of Texas will be providing free
healthcare to all furloughed government employees affected by the current government shutdown
effective immediately.

“We value and truly care about our community and want to help those that are struggling during this time”,
said Bruce McVeigh – COO, Exceptional Healthcare Inc.

Exceptional has 10 emergency centers located across the state of Texas that will be providing this free
care during the shutdown. All government employees and their families seeking emergency care are
instructed to provide proof of employment upon visitation.


Corporate Media Contact: Local Media Contacts:
Syed Ali
Marketing Director
Taylor Gross – Fort Worth & Sachse
Marketing Coordinator
Taylor Law – Amarillo & Lubbock
Marketing Coordinator
Stephanie Dubois – Livingston
Facility Administrator
Gladys Villarreal – Harlingen & Brownsville
Marketing Coordinator
Syed Ali – Golden Triangle
Marketing Director